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  • The Falcons’ star receiver prioritizes his routine and taking care of himself more than watching football.
By Jonathan Jones
September 13, 2019

It’s the first episode of the Shoot Your Shot Podcast With Jonathan Jones on The MMQB NFL Podcast feed, and to kick things off, Jones sits down with Julio Jones to talk about why the Falcons star WR keeps his private life so private, why he doesn’t actually watch football, why he’s not too torn up over losing a $100k earring and much more.

(Listen and subscribe to the latest episode of The MMQB NFL Podcast here. The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Jonathan Jones: Something that I’d heard about you—and tell me this is not true or not—but if you play on Sunday, there’s a Monday Night Football game, there’s a Thursday Night Football game. Unless you’re playing that team next week or something like that, you aren’t watching.

Julio Jones: No, I don’t. Not at all.

Jonathan Jones: I don’t want to take away—this is not at all taking away from how much you love the game, but would you consider yourself some like football junkie who, if football’s on you have to watch it?

Julio Jones: No. Hell no. I mean like for me to be at my best, I have a routine. So I need to go to sleep—I need to eat and I need to go to bed. Me watching them, it’s not gonna help me for the upcoming game. Like you said, unless I’m playing them, I’m going to see what they got going on. But no, I’m not going to sit down and just stay up into the wee hours of the night to watch somebody else play football. I’m going to bed. I need to take care of what I got to take care of.

Jonathan Jones: So that great Rams-Chiefs game... It was a Monday night game, that Rams-Chiefs game that went 54-51...

Julio Jones: I didn’t see it.

Jonathan Jones: You didn't watch it?

Julio Jones: No, I did not.

Jonathan Jones: You were probably asleep for the whole thing.

Julio Jones: I didn’t watch that game, I didn’t watch. Man, listen. I don’t watch football like outside of football, really. I will say, I watch it like with the guys if the guys say, “Hey, let’s go watch a game, let’s go do something,” things like that. You know, if it’s on early, if I can catch something like that, yeah, I’ll watch a game. But 10:00 or something like that, that’s dead.

Jonathan Jones: You also watch Alabama though, right? I know I was only talking about NFL but you’ll watch Bama.

Julio Jones: Yeah, Roll Tide. But you know, we usually on the road. So I get the opportunity to watch those guys for a little bit.

Jonathan Jones: They’re playing that afternoon CBS game.

Julio Jones: Yeah, and then they had those games at 8:30 and stuff like that, but it’s like right before our game. So I’m already in bed though, so it’s not like I had to finish that game.

Jonathan Jones: Roll Tide!

Julio Jones: You know me. So I had to go to sleep. I just hope they don’t disappoint me.

Jonathan Jones: I love that.

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