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  • The Adam Sandler remake of a 1974 classic has a star-studded cast, some decidedly non-PC gags and a few on-field surprises once the game finally gets going.
By Conor Orr, Mark Mravic, and Bette Marston
May 17, 2019

The latest installment of Bad Football Movies takes aim at a strange time in the Adam Sandler canon: On the heels of his massively successful run of comedies, and in the midst of his turn toward more serious films like Punch-Drunk Love and Funny People came The Longest Yard. The remake of the dark 1974 classic is decidedly more commercial, featuring dozens of ridiculous cameos, plus major corporate tie-ins with the likes of ESPN and McDonalds. 

It's the second-highest grossing sports comedy of all time, behind only The Waterboy, another Sandler film. But is it a good football movie? 

Host Conor Orr, alongside MMQB executive editor Mark Mravic and MMQB staff editor Bette Marston, take a magnifying lens to this jailyard comedy, and discover a movie that may have actually inspired the Philly Special, along with other really awful trick plays attempted by Chuck Pagano during his time as head coach of the Colts. The 14-year-old film contains plotlines and running gags that have aged quite poorly, but a handful of solid performances from the likes of Chris Rock, Terry Crews and original Longest Yard star Burt Reynolds (!) elevate it to watchable.

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So come on, crack a beer and enjoy Episode 3 of Bad Football Movies.

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